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Do you know which modern Indo-European language preserves the most characteristics of ancient Proto-Indo-European? It's Lithuanian, a unique and complex Baltic language spoken in Lithuania but not many other places. Anyone who needs to translate Lithuanian into any other language, or vice versa, needs KZod Pocket Dictionary, a free dictionary tool that is heavy on the Lithuanian content. But you can also use KZod to build your own dictionary of any kind as well as contribute to other dictionaries via DICT, the dictionary network protocol, as well as mova and SLOWO. It can translate text from other programs and offers conveniences such as automatic text highlighting and dictionary creation wizards.

KZod's installer selects a large list of language dictionaries by default; most of them translate to or from Lithuanian, but there are also measurements, history, famous people, and other useful choices. We deselected everything but English and Esperanto (Yes! And why not?) since we could download and install other dictionaries on demand. KZod's user interface is no bigger than the average media player. Its simple layout includes a search field labeled Word, a Description field (some are illustrated) and a List field populated with our selected dictionaries. The first item on the menu bar, Dictionaries, offered not only our installed language dictionaries but also eight online dictionaries and eight other resources; hotkey access to DICT protocol; the ability to add to the dictionary, create new dictionaries, and import or export dictionaries; controls for creating and deleting groups, and much more. We opened the Create dictionary wizard, a tiny tool with options to create dictionaries for Dates or Words, as well as other options such as an Other option. Of course, we'd need to create records for our dictionary to contain, and that's done with a similar wizard; likewise importing dictionaries called up another simple but efficient window.

As they say in Esperanto, KZod is a "bonega" dictionary tool. That means "excellent" in English. Do you know what it is in Lithuanian? We do! So can you, too, with KZod Pocket Dictionary.

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