Play and protect media files with GreenForce-Player

Add DRM protections--kind of--with this simple tool.

There are innumerable media players out there, and when it comes down to it, most of them do the same thing: play media files. It takes something special to set a media player apart from the crowd. GreenForce-Player does indeed have some special features, mostly in the form of DRM protections, but it has some room for improvement when it comes to some of the basics.

The program's interface is plain, with the typical media player buttons and a few menus across the top. GreenForce-Player can play files from a variety of sources, including those stored on your hard drive, saved in the clipboard, from URLs, or from CDs or DVDs. The program has playlist capabilities and an optional Cover Flow-like feature, although we found that the covers didn't flow along with the songs; we had to use the arrow keys to scroll through them. There are also three visualizations that can be activated during audio files--Whitelight, Frequency, and Waveform--though we found that their actions didn't seem to have much to do with the music that was playing. The most unique thing about GreenForce-Player was its DRM features, which let users save media files in the proprietary GFP format and add password protections. There's also an option that disables the ability to take screenshots of protected videos, though we're not sure how useful this is, since protected videos can only be viewed using GreenForce-Player to begin with. An HTML Help file provides some basic information about the program's features. Overall, GreenForce-Player did a fine job of playing a variety of media files, but it didn't really knock our socks off.

GreenForce-Player installs and uninstalls without issues.

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