CybEye is a waste of time

Don't bother with this ad-filled program.

Every now and then we encounter a program that just doesn't make any sense, and CybEye, we're sorry to say, is one of those programs. If you'd like to save yourself the trouble of trying to figure out what CybEye is and whether or not it's useful, please allow us to help you out: it's mostly advertising, and it's about as useful as a hole in the head.

When we first launched the program we were asked to either sign in or create an account using our e-mail address, something we're never thrilled about. But we did, and then we set about exploring CybEye. The program's interface looks very much like an ad-filled Web page, but then we realized that that's actually exactly what it is. There is absolutely no reason to download CybEye; the "program" is really just a very basic Web browser, and the exact same content can be accessed by going directly to in the browser of your choice. So what does CybEye actually do? The service promises to provide reports about Web sites or keywords; we tried it and were not particularly impressed. First, we decided to check out the report for a popular news site. CybEye returned the "latest social discoveries" (we're not sure what that meant; it was just a list of recent articles), the latest tweets (there were none), the latest Facebook recommendations (these had nothing to do with the site we searched for), top content pages (as determined by Bing), keywords, top competitors, and basic information about traffic rank, value, searchable pages, and so on. Some of this could be useful information, but there are definitely easier ways to get it. A search for a specific keyword returned a list of related sites that didn't seem particularly relevant and top Bing results. CybEye also seems to offer users the ability to follow Web sites and receive alerts, but there wasn't much information about these features readily available and we didn't feel compelled to seek it out. Overall, we found CybEye to be a waste of time, and we recommend that users seek out other options.

CybEye installs and uninstalls without issues.

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