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Locate people all over the US with this useful tool.

We have to admit that we were skeptical when we first downloaded Elite People Search. We've seen similar programs before, and they typically turn out to be spammy wastes of time. Much to our surprise and delight, however, Elite People Search actually works. It's not perfect, but it does a decent job of quickly locating people without any advertising or other hassles.

The program's interface is plain and straightforward. Users enter the state and then either the city or county they want to search. Next, enter the person you want to search for, including any variations. For example, you can search for John Brown, John L. Brown, John Lewis Brown, and J.L. Brown all at the same time to make the results as inclusive as possible. Then just click search, and the program returns a list with each person's name, address, phone number, and date of birth; the results can be sorted by each of these categories. The program has no Help file--just a brief About with a couple of FAQs--but that's okay; it's easy to figure out. Elite People Search is powered by ZabaSearch, which we weren't previously familiar with, but it seems to be a pretty powerful database. We did notice that some of the results were out of date, and we weren't able to find information on anyone --including ourselves--whom we knew to have only a cell phone and not a home phone number. This is perhaps Elite People Search's biggest drawback; an increasing number of people are ditching their landlines in favor of using their cell phones as their primary phones, so this could limit the program's usefulness. Still, Elite People Search returned surprisingly comprehensive results, and we recommend to anyone who regularly searches for people's contact information.

Elite People Search installs and uninstalls without issues.

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