Wee, twee, and free games from KlickFu

Fool around on the desktop and share what you're doing on Facebook with this free bundle of fun applets.

KlickFu is a small suite of free desktop toys. Classic time-wasters, the games and enhancements don't really "do" anything, let alone accomplish anything beyond creating a brief diversion. KlickFu makes it easy to share your efforts on Facebook, should you want to.

KlickFu's Get Started page briefly summarizes its features, though most of the time you manage and access them from the program's system tray icon. Dragster Photos displays a photo from your Pictures library (or any folder) when you drag your cursor to highlight an area of your desktop. We do that accidentally now and again, but the only time we highlight areas of our desktop on purpose is to take a screenshot, and Dragster doesn't really help with that. Still, it's a neat effect. The same is true of DoodleGrid, which creates streams of icons on your desktop when you drag the cursor: ninjas, flowers, targets, and circles. Again, you can save your efforts and upload them to Facebook to waste your friends' time, too.

QuadPics Facebook displays photos from Facebook in a four-picture window on your desktop. A game called Boxes (KlickFu calls it a game) involves creating designs with colored boxes by highlighting areas of the desktop with your cursor. Boxes changes the colors of the boxes as you add them, yielding a design that to us recalled the graphic arts of the 1950s. And, of course, you can share them on Facebook. QuadGame is a mouse-control game, but our mouse settings seemed to be incompatible with it, and we lost interest in any case.

As a compact suite of free desktop time-wasters, KlickFu is about as useful as any of them. We wouldn't be surprised if there were whole communities of devotees on Facebook, though, to be frank, the very last thing we need is another reason to spend time on Facebook (the boss agrees). It's small, free, and very, very easy, so you can see for yourself if KlickFu's for you.

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