Adjust your display with Gamma Control 3

Brighten or darken your display quickly with this free gamma slider.

In digital images, gamma correction or encoding refers to luminance; adjusting it can make video or still pictures seem brighter or darker. Gamma Control is a simple piece of freeware for quickly adjusting your display's gamma without changing your graphics settings. It's great for gaming or watching movies online because it illuminates dark corners and reveals detail, any time you need to brighten (or darken) your display temporarily. We looked at Gamma Control 3, which is ad-supported and includes a feed. Unfortunately, the feed didn't work for us, and the updated version proved a bit buggy.

Gamma Control has a very small interface, just a few check boxes and buttons plus a slider for adjusting gamma. Moving it to the left made things lighter; sliding the lever right darkened our desktop. Check boxes let us choose to run Gamma Control at startup, start minimized to the system tray, and save our gamma adjustments. We could also update the program, open Help and About files, and configure the tool via the Options button. The Options involve selecting hot-key combos for six commands: gamma up, gamma down, reset to default, Quick Switch 1 and 2, and Monitor Sleep. A check box let us show the Gamma Trackbar.

When we opened Gamma Control, the Help page that opened with it displayed an Internal Server Error, and so did the ad feed space on the main interface. Previous versions displayed an ad for the developer, DesktopNerds, so we're at a loss to explain the error, especially after making sure it wasn't our system's fault. And though dragging the cursor in either direction did indeed change our display's gamma, as soon as we let go of the cursor, it changed back. The same was true of the hot keys. They changed the gamma, but a second later it changed back. Clicking Help called another error. While Gamma Control is a great idea, it's also a work in progress.

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