Translate English into Hindi with Dictionary English-Hindi

Define English words and translate them into Hindi script with this free tool.

You probably know that India is a technological powerhouse in the making, but did you also know it's the world's largest English-speaking nation? English is one of India's official languages, and it's the common tongue of business and cultural interaction. India's long familiarity with English helps fuel the nation's explosive technological and entrepreneurial growth, but the world is playing catch-up when it comes to the other half of the two-way communication, which in India means Hindi, the language most Indians speak in daily life. Solpro Technologies Dictionary English-Hindi quickly translates English words and phrases into Hindi language and script. It also offers definitions and close matches.

This free program is as simple as they come, which can be an advantage in a multilingual dictionary if it prevents complications and errors. The three-panel interface is utterly plain--so plain that at first glance it looked like only the window borders had loaded. Aside from a Google search field and toolbar with one menu, Options, containing one entry, an Exit button, the only controls are search entry field and a Go button. The interface even lacks minimize and maximize buttons; an X to close the program is the only window control. We typed in a common English word, "tree," and pressed Go. The tool filled the blank fields with entries: words similar to tree, including "Treebeard" and "Treen," below the search box; a string of Devanagari characters, presumably spelling "tree" in Hindi; and below that a series of definitions of "tree" in English.

Obviously, English-Hindi Dictionary will be of the greatest benefit to those already familiar with Hindi since the Indian script is indecipherable to unfamiliar eyes, yet the program doesn't provide English transliterations in Latin script. Also it's geared toward identifying and defining English words, not vice versa (how does Latin keep sneaking into the conversation?) as you'd expect with a two-way dictionary. But this simple but effective freeware addresses a real need.

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