Speed Dial your way through Firefox

Quickly access your most-visited sites with this free Firefox tool.

Sugestron Speed Dial is a free Firefox add-on that lets users quickly return to any of their eight most frequently used Web sites. That's nothing new, you say, but Speed Dial also examines browser tabs and other non-Web locations, and it works automatically by analyzing your browsing habits. You can open pages with keystrokes, pin pages into position, and remove them quickly from the Speed Dial browser tab.

Speed Dial downloads, installs, and configures like any Firefox add-on. We opened the add-ons manager and clicked Speed Dial's More link, which took us to its program page. The page offers basic documentation and instructions as well as a single option, configuring updates. Speed Dial basically does it all for you. We returned to our browser tab and quickly navigated to eight different Web sites, and then opened a new tab. The tab opened with Speed Dial's eight windows displaying our recently visited sites, including the Firefox add-ons manager. Moving our cursor over any page highlighted it for selection. We could click to open it in a new tab, pin it in place with the green push-pin icon, or remove it by clicking the red X. We pinned a couple of pages and resumed browsing, quickly navigating through a wide range of Web sites, including one that loads a PDF. Then we opened a new tab. Speed Dial displayed our updated sites, but our pinned page was still there.

We like speed Dial, which is as unobtrusive as any Firefox home page and more useful than most. We can see how it would be especially useful for shopping, automatically remembering the pages you've visited and letting you retain those you want to keep and quickly dispense with the others.

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