Keep track of time with Easy Timer

Create desktop alerts with this flexible program.

Whether you're cooking, trying to limit your Internet time, or need help waking up from a nap, having a timer on your computer is never a bad idea. Easy Timer lives up to its name, with a simple interface but surprisingly thorough set of features. It's a great program to keep handy for those times when you need a desktop alert.

Easy Timer has a simple analog clock interface that can be set to whatever size the user desires and dragged to any location on the screen. Right-clicking on the clock lets you set the alarm, open the settings menu, or view the Help file. The alarm can be set to go off in either a certain number of minutes or at a particular time. There are plenty of options for how the alarm functions; you can select from 39 built-in sounds or use your own, and you can choose how many times the sound will play when the alarm goes off.

The alarm can also be set to go off until it's deactivated, or it can sound a particular number of times and then go off again in a certain number of minutes. The clock can show an optional user-defined message when the alarm goes off. You can customize the colors used on the clock's interface and set options such as having the clock be always on top. A Getting Started guide gives an overview of how the program works, but it's plenty intuitive. Overall, Easy Timer didn't do anything particularly innovative, but we appreciated the fact that it combines simplicity with flexibility. It's a good choice if you want a way to set an alarm without a lot of hassle.

Easy Timer comes as a ZIP file and is accessible after extraction with no installation.

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