Tighten up your Registry with Ainvo Registry Defrag

Defragment your Registry on startup with this supereasy tool.

Over time, the Windows Registry becomes fragmented. It can slow down your PC if it becomes bad enough. Defragmenting the Registry makes it more compact, much like your hard drives. Of course, it's not as easy as that when you're dealing with the Registry, since errors can damage your system. You need a tool specifically designed for the job. Ainvo Registry Defrag is a free utility that automatically defragments your Registry on startup, either once or every time, depending on how you set it up.

Ainvo Registry Defrag opened with a simple dialog page explaining the next step, Registry Fragmentation Analysis. We clicked Next to start the tool. Ainvo's defragmentation map resembles those found in disk defraggers, but with fewer objects. When it reached the end of the defrag map, it said we needed to defragment the Registry, so we clicked Next. This involved scheduling the job for our next reboot, which we opted to do right away. Ainvo interrupted the boot process, displaying its progress in a DOS screen. When the program finished, our boot-up resumed, finishing normally. Ainvo displayed a report in Google Chrome with before-and-after defragmentation maps and Registry data. It had reduced our registry by 4.79 percent, netting a performance improvement of 4.55 percent; both are significant gains, especially considering our system was pretty tight to begin with.

We ran the tool again, but Ainvo said our Registry was fine and didn't let us defrag it right away, which we didn't mind since we prefer not to operate on the Registry on a whim. We could access online help and updates from the Help menu; clicking Recovery Center opened the Windows System Restore tool, so be sure you've created a restore point and up-to-date backups.

Ainvo Registry Defrag did a good job with a minimum of fuss. We'd like more direct access to the Settings from the program's dialog, but that's not much of a quibble. We didn't opt to have the program run the defrag check every time we boot, but we agree with the developers that keeping your Registry clean and tidy can help keep your system running like new.

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