Convert PDFs to Word docs with Wondershare PDF to Word

Convert your PDFs to editable Word documents with this free utility.

The business world relies on PDFs. Microsoft Word is the leading word processor. To edit PDFs in Word, you need to convert them to DOC files. That's where Wondershare PDF to Word comes in. It's a simple, free utility that converts PDFs to Word documents, either one by one or in batches. It preserves all of a document's layout and formatting, which saves a lot of time when reusing content. It's compatible with most versions of Windows from XP to Vista, but it only runs in 32-bit editions of Windows 7.

As you'd expect with a free tool that's basically designed to do one thing, Wondershare PDF to Word has a fairly simple interface, though it's efficiently designed, with a gridded layout that includes individual progress bars for each converted file. And as you'd expect with a simple tool that's designed to save time, it's practically self-explanatory to use. We browsed to a folder of PDFs we keep for testing and selected a few. We could opt to create converted files in the source directory or browse to a different target folder. When we'd made our choices, we pressed the big blue Convert button. Wondershare powered through our file list, displaying each file's progress in turn. We then browsed to the target folder and clicked our converted files, which opened in Word. We made changes and saved them, proving their compatibility.

Wondershare PDF to Word has the potential to save a lot of time and effort when editing business documents, preparing manuals, and dealing with other projects that involve different document types. Since it's free, it's just as useful to individuals as it is to businesses and organizations.

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