Tidy your text with Dolphin Text Editor Menu

Use this handy utility anywhere you work with text.

Text editors are, by design, lacking in features; they're meant to be lightweight programs that are used to handle text that doesn't require much formatting or other fanciness. Dolphin Text Editor Menu is an innovative utility that adds some useful features not only to traditional text editors but also word processors, browsers, e-mail clients, and any other program that handles text. It's unobtrusive and extremely handy to have around.

The program appears as an icon in the system tray, and right clicking it lets users access the options menu. The only real option the program has is to set a hot key that will allow users to access it elsewhere. Once we'd set our desired hot key, we opened Notepad, pasted in a block of text, and started exploring. Activating Dolphin Text Editor Menu brought up a menu with eight options: Add lines, Sort lines, Remove, Change case, Align, Clean, Wrap, and Other. Within each of these options there were numerous features, including the ability to append and prepend text, sort lines alphabetically and numerically, remove the leading character of each line, remove HTML tags, display the word count, and much more. We tried the program in several other contexts, including Google Chrome and Microsoft Word, and it worked just as well. There's no Help file, but the program doesn't really need one, either; it's fairly self-explanatory. Overall, we were impressed with Dolphin Text Editor Menu, and we think it's a great choice for anyone who works with blocks of text regularly.

Dolphin Text Editor Menu installs and uninstalls without issues.

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