Small business gets a break with Free Excel Invoice Template & Profit Calculator

Create custom invoices in Excel with this versatile, easy-to-use workbook.

Microsoft's Excel is everywhere in the business world, in part because it's such a versatile platform. Med-e-Forms offers several free Excel workbooks that handle a variety of tasks for small businesses such as physicians in private practice. The company's Free Excel Invoice Template & Profit Calculator is essentially a basic business suite in one Excel workbook.

Some of the free Excel templates we've seen from this publisher have been fairly plain, but this tool's clear, colorful instructions and efficient layout show what Excel is capable of doing. The Instructions sheet provides details for Excel 2007-2010 (we used Office 2010) and for Excel 2003 and earlier. With directional arrows and screenshots, it's much more like traditional software than a spreadsheet template, and it made setting up this tool easy work. We entered our data on the Customers sheet, including Payment Terms, Sales Rep, and contact information. Next, we entered the items we were invoicing on the Items sheet, either goods or services along with price, tax, and other data. The template stores this data. The Invoice sheet let us create customized invoices drawing on the data we'd entered, including a customized letterhead, and displayed costs and profits in a side table. A Summary sheet displayed all our invoices. While the instructions are clear, the provided example entries may do just as good a job of showing new users what goes where. Most of the data will be familiar to small-business professionals (large ones, too) and nothing seemed unusual. There are frequent ads for the publisher's PDF-based shareware tools, but they're hardly a nuisance and won't appear on your invoices.

We were impressed by this free Excel tool and what it does. Small businesses need all the help they can get these days. Free Excel Invoice Template & Profit Calculator really steps up.

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