EasyPC Cleaner Free cleans what you tell it to

Clean up your disks and registry with this effective, balanced freeware.

PC users have a lot of choices in free system cleaning utilities these days. Most seem to offer disk and registry cleaners and a variety of Windows tools like startup managers and uninstallers. They all seek to balance ease of use, system safety, and effectiveness. EasyPC Cleaner Free fits the description. We found it an effective disk and registry cleaner, once we'd set it up to meet our needs.

EasyPC Cleaner Free's attractive, efficient interface is much like most similar tools in general layout and design. It has a series of large buttons labeled 1-Click Clean, Disk Clean, Registry Clean, and Tools; this last button accesses a startup manager, uninstaller, and various Windows utilities. We ran the disk and registry cleaners separately before trying the 1-click option. It's an easy tool to use: Click Analyze, uncheck any item in the results that you don't want cleaned from your system, and click Clean. We unchecked our browser passwords and cookies (we manage them separately) and added a few System and Advanced items such as invalid old files and the Clipboard. The cleanup operation completed quickly and with no ill effects. The Registry Clean tool offers an Undo list. One item raised an eyebrow: "Stratup Programs," obviously Startup Programs. It's just a typo, but the Registry is not the place for mistakes of any kind. Nevertheless, we reviewed the very rapid scan's results and saw no red flags, so we ran the cleaner, again with no ill effects. We clicked the Settings button, which contains minimal options, such as checking for updates and such. We could access Online Help from the program's Menu, which also offered contacts, bug reports, and other support.

We firmly believe you're better off using a tool that does too little than too much, especially if you're not sure what a tool does when it "cleans" your system: How does it speed things up if you spend hours re-entering deleted passwords and restoring lost settings? But EasyPC Cleaner Free struck us as striking a nice balance that will suit many users.

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