Embiggen menus with Moo0 WindowMenuPlus

Add useful entries to system window menus with this cool free tool.

When you open a Windows program like Notepad or Windows Update, the program's name appears in the window's title bar. Right-clicking the tile bar calls up the system window menu, which accesses commands such as Minimize, Maximize, and Close. Moo0 WindowMenuPlus is a simple tool that can add extra entries to the system window menu and taskbar button, everything from Keep on Top to Kill Process. It's easy to use and totally free.

When it's active, WindowMenuPlus lives in the system tray, also known as the notification area. Its menu accesses entries labeled Turn On, Show/Hide, Language, and Start on System Boot, in addition to About and Exit. Clicking Show/Hide calls up the list of items WindowMenuPlus adds to each and every system window menu, which includes Move to, Maximize to, Transparency (%), Process Priority, Free Unused Memory, Find this Program, Program Information, and Iconize to Tray. The Language menu contains a huge list of languages plus a Translate option. Clicking About accessed version information, contacts, and links, including the program's Web page and some documentation. We made our selections and opened a variety of programs, including Sound Recorder, Notepad, Paint, SysConfig, and others. Clicking the title bar of each opened an expanded system window menu containing our new additions, all neatly integrated with the existing menu items--same with the taskbar icons. Several of the new menu entries had submenus, such as the Transparency control, Process Priority, and Program Information, which displayed a surprising amount of information. Clicking Find this Program opened Explorer in the program's containing folder. We could also choose to start the program on system boot by check-marking the option in the program's menu.

WindowMenuPlus adds a genuinely useful extra feature to Windows, and the tools and options it adds are useful, too. The developers offer some neat suggestions, such as setting Process Priority to Above Normal for your video player or Keep on Top for the Calculator. Maybe you can think of other things you'd like to add to system window menus? Click About, then Tell Developers, and ask them to add it with future updates.

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