RAM it through with PC Brother Memory Optimization Free

Free up memory resources with this supersimple tool.

Older and slower PCs with limited memory resources can benefit from a memory optimizing tool. These tools don't add memory or alter the way it works (such as by overclocking) but simply free up system resources, usually by purging unnecessary files, emptying caches, and scrounging for available RAM. PC Brother Memory Optimization Free is just such a tool. It displays your system's memory use and helps you optimize it for your needs. It's a standalone app that also comes bundled with PC Brother's System Care, which is also free.

Memory Optimization Free's basic interface opens in the Usage mode, displaying our system's CPU, Memory, and Page File Usage as a three-line graph and as individual bar graphs with details. Aside from an Upgrade button and a one-click button labeled Free Now, Usage, Optimize, and Logs are the only controls. In fact, the Optimize button only leads to another Free Now button with a bar graph, plus text explaining how the program frees up memory and processor resources. We clicked Free Now, and the program quickly powered through its series of operations, displaying a message at the finish declaring it had reclaimed 67.22 MB of RAM. With 8GB of RAM available, it didn't make much difference, but then it didn't do any harm, either. Clicking Upgrade gave us yet another opportunity to download the developer's System Care suite. Although this tool proved very easy to use, we'd like to see a Help file and maybe some options.

PC Brother Memory Optimization Free quickly and harmlessly reclaimed useful memory resources. While the reclaimed memory didn't make much difference in our tight test system, if we'd been running one or two gigs on a 4-year-old low-end PC, it would have been a nice boost; maybe enough to keep the old gears grinding a while longer. Four PC years is like 20 people years, and even geeks get tired of constant upgrading!

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