Turn your images into masterpieces

With MobileMonet you can make great-looking hand-drawn and artistic representations of your images in only a couple of easy steps.

MobileMonet lets you make great-looking hand-drawn and artistic representations of your images. Though there are many photo apps in the iTunes app store that let you distort and add effects to images, with MobileMonet you can create truly unique projects using a two-step system. You either start with a photo from your library or you can snap a fresh picture using your iPhone camera. From there, MobileMonet makes a black-and-white line drawing of your image. Touch the screen to use a spray-can tool to add colors back in to your photograph with paintlike effects. You have a number of variables you can adjust like line width, flow speed, and other settings you can experiment with to see which type you want to use for your project.

Though it sounds like a simple program, MobileMonet produces amazing results without much work. As you experiment with the app, try only coloring certain parts of the image to bring out highlights for a really nice effect on portraits, for example. But even when you color an image in completely, the paintlike effects give your once-real image a good-looking artistic feel. Overall, if you like to experiment with photo effects, MobileMonet's unique and simple system for creating artistic projects will make a great addition to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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