Hack-and-slash excellence

Pocket RPG brings a fun and mindless dual-stick hack-and-slash adventure to the smaller Retina Display on the iPhone.

Pocket RPG brings a fun and mindless dual-stick hack-and-slash adventure to the smaller Retina Display on the iPhone.

You start by choosing one of three character classes: Dark Ranger, Blade Master, or Battle Mage, each with a different fighting style and special moves. When you're done choosing according to your playing style, you'll be dropped into the first dungeon and will need to talk to the NPCs scattered about to learn the basics. From there, Pocket RPG is all about mindless hack-and-slash goodness, battling against swarms of enemies, and finding chests full of treasure, weapons, and items. As in many casual RPG games, at the end of each level you'll battle a boss and test all the skills you've learned up to that point.

Along with the fantastic hack-and-slash gameplay in beautiful randomly generated dungeons, what makes Pocket RPG great is the simple way it handles found items and weapons. There is no potion button to hit while battling--you simply drink healing and mana potions as you find them. You also don't need to struggle with your loadout very much--simply drag and drop weapons in, and you only need to worry about one ring and one necklace for extra skills and attribute boosts. Selling items only requires that you drag a weapon from your inventory to a sell-item button--no need to find a town or store in order to free up space. All of these game design elements make it easy to focus on what's important: hacking and slashing through hordes of bad guys.

Between map areas, you'll be able to buy new skills and gain mastery in using items that will then become available to you from chests in the next dungeon. That's another interesting element to Pocket RPG; when you start a new area (usually composed of three or four dungeons), you start fresh and will need to gain levels as you play. This works out because your various masteries and skills will remain intact so you'll be able to pick up better weapons to help you level more quickly.

Overall, Pocket RPG is an extremely fun and addictive game featuring great-looking graphics, tons of weapons to experiment with, and special moves gained simply by fighting. Whether you are new to RPGs or an old hand at the genre, we think you will really appreciate the way Pocket RPG makes hack-and-slash combat both easy and fun.

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