Make 360-degree animations of objects

YouSpin360 lets you take multiple shots while moving around your subject to create an image you can view from all sides.

YouSpin360 lets you take multiple shots while moving around your subject to create an image you can view from all sides. The interface on YouSpin360 is not very intuitive initially, but once you get the basics, you'll be able to make cool-looking 360-degree shots you can show as videos--even on the Web.

You start by choosing the type of shot you want to create using the options tab that slides out from the right. Whether you want to see yourself from all sides, show a car from various perspectives so you can sell it on the Web, or make a creative stop-motion animation, YouSpin360 is the app for the job. The options tab shows pictures with diagrams for each type of shot, and it's a little confusing at first which to use. But with a bit of experimentation we were able to make some cool animations--just be aware that there is a learning curve.

When you're ready, hit Start 360. As an example, if you're shooting a still subject but moving the camera, you'll now touch the screen to snap a shot, then move a short distance around in a circle, snap another shot, and so on until you go around the subject 360 degrees. Now you'll be able to view an animation of your subject at different frame rates, and even upload a 3D copy of a yourself or a friend that can be used on Web sites, sent to Facebook, Twitter, or through e-mail. Or you can post it on 3Dme, a Facebook app affiliated with YouSpin360.

Even without a friend around, you have the option to create a 3D copy of yourself with a function that times each snapshot while your iPhone sits stationary. The app instructs you (out loud) to "turn" at regular intervals until the shot is complete. It's difficult to describe in words, but once you've played with the app and looked at the included Help screen, you'll find that it's pretty easy to create cool-looking 360-degree animations.

Overall, YouSpin360 is a neat app for creating 360-degree animations whether they're of you or objects to sell on the Web, or they're just unique movies to post online. Though the interface gets pretty confusing, anyone who's willing to learn the basics will appreciate what this app has to offer.

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