Tap Fish turns your Android into an aquarium

Tap Fish makes you a pet owner by letting you start, grow, and maintain a digital aquarium, right on your Android device.

Tap Fish makes you a pet owner by letting you start, grow, and maintain a digital aquarium, right on your Android device. It's fun and addicting, and best of all, it's a lot easier than taking care of a real tank full of fish.

First thing to do after downloading the app is drop some fish eggs in your tank. Choose a few species, and watch as your fish instantly materialize. From there, you must take care of your fish just as you would with an actual aquarium. Because the app functions in real time (which means it requires a Web connection), you have to open it up every so often to feed your fish, clean the algae that builds up on your aquarium walls, and even show some occasional "Love" to your little guys. As the hours and days pass, your fish will grow and change, at which point you can sell them, put them away in your inventory, or simply leave them to enrich your aquatic community.

Tap Fish is fun because it offers so many ways to grow and improve your tank. Using Coins and Fishbucks, you can decorate your tank, add new breeds of fish and plants, and even change your tank's background. Plus, you can buy different types of "breedable" fish, and cross-breed them to create new species.

One thing we don't like about Tap Fish is how difficult it is to earn money for these improvements, especially when you're just getting started. Growing and selling fish can take days and often earns you only a few coins at a time. And Fishbucks are even harder to come by. From the get-go, the app makes it clear that if you really want to rack up the Coins and Fishbucks, you either have to buy them, using real money with Google In-App payments, or support some of Tap Fish's affiliate marketing partners. This can mean downloading and using a partner's app, registering for a partner's Web site, or even signing up for a partner's credit card.

Tap Fish is a fun and addicting digital pet game that offers an almost unlimited number of aquatic possibilities. For that, we love it. But at the same time, we wish the game included more opportunities to earn money, and didn't feel so much like an interactive advertisement for its partners.

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