Make some space with Start Killer

Hide your unneeded Start button with this useful desktop mod.

Sometimes the smallest desktop modifications can make a huge difference. That's certainly the case with Start Killer. Hiding the Windows Start menu doesn't seem like such a big deal, but getting rid of this not-particularly-necessary button can actually free up a lot of space on your Taskbar. Start Killer can hide and unhide your Start menu easily, ensuring that it's there when you need it and gone when you don't.

Start Killer is based on the premise that most people don't actually need the Start button on their desktop, since the Start menu can also be easily accessed using the Windows key on the keyboard or Ctrl-Esc. When Start Killer is first launched it places an icon in the system tray; right-clicking on it reveals options to load the program on startup, hide the system tray icon, and disable the Start menu entirely. When the program is running the Start button is hidden, helping to reduce clutter in your Taskbar and make room for windows you're actually using. If you need to access the Start button again, simply right-click the icon and exit. That's really all there is to Start Killer--there's no Help file and there are other features--but we like it for its simplicity. We think it's a great desktop modification if you frequently have a lot of windows open and could use some extra space in your task tray.

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