Old-school fun and mayhem with Race To Kill

Try your hand at this free arcade-style driving game.

Race to Kill is a free arcade-style Flash game from Rhouma Games. It's an old-school driving game in which players use their arrow keys to steer the car. In the game scenario, you're a skilled driver who is hired to blow up an enemy base while eluding the SWAT team and other obstacles. It's fun and remarkably challenging.

Race to Kill's controls are minimal: Start Game, How to Play, Settings, Credits, and More Games. The Settings involve playback quality and enabling sound and the volume control; there's also a keyboard test. We clicked How to Play, which described our mission, "Stay alive and try to get rid of the enemies." Movement is simple: use the Arrows to steer and press P to pause. We clicked Start Game, which opened with an overview of a rain-soaked parking lot and two shady characters discussing a shady deal as a police car circles. The dialog is displayed below. Our object was to pick one of the cars in the lot and get out of there without getting caught or killed. We clicked a car with our mouse, and the car positioned itself for escape. We pressed the Up arrow, and the car accelerated out of the parking lot and straight into the side of the police car. Game over, but that was fun! So we started over. This time we made it to the roundabout in the road, which required turning. We started working the right and left arrow keys, and the car responded instantly, steering into a tree and tearing up the grass doing donuts. Next we steered our car into a house, bursting into flames and once again ending our trip as soon as it began. But were we licked? Not hardly, and besides, we were having too much fun to mind the carnage.

It's been a while since we tried to drive a car using directional arrows, and it's much more of a challenge than it sounds. We didn't have a steering wheel input but assume it would work with Race to Kill--we're sure the game's traffic cops and landscapers would be grateful, too. We recommend trying your hand (literally) at steering a getaway car with a keyboard: it's more fun than you'd think!

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