Yoo Ninja runs and jumps onto Android

Yoo Ninja puts you in the swift-moving shoes of a ninja on the run.

Yoo Ninja puts you in the swift-moving shoes of a ninja on the run. As the levels automatically scroll to the right, you must tap the screen to hop from floor to ceiling and back, avoiding obstacles along the way, and moving fast enough to evade the throwing stars hot on your heels. Slow down too much and they will end your game in one fell slice. Tap the screen at the wrong time, and you could end up flying above or below a platform into the abyss. In Story Mode, you travel through 34 levels and across four different worlds: Jungle, Village, Marine, and Castle.

As simple as Yoo Ninja is to grasp, make no mistake, it is very challenging. Fortunately, there are ample checkpoints throughout the levels that save you from starting over each time you lose a life. This makes the game considerably more fun than some other platform games that make you feel like progress is impossible. Yoo Ninja is an addictive game that puts a new spin on the platform genre. And because it's fun to pull out and play even in your smallest pockets of free time, we highly recommend it.

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