Xtravo Web Browser doesn't stand out

Prepare yourself for disappointment with this unimpressive browser.

The Web browser market is dominated by Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, but that doesn't mean that there isn't room for another contender. Xtravo Web Browser aims to be one of those contenders. We appreciate its minimalist design, but we found its performance incredibly slow at times.

As we mentioned, we liked the browser's user interface. The blue-and-white theme extends to its very basic navigational buttons, which include Back and Forward buttons, a Tab button, and Refresh and Stop buttons. You'll also find a button that hides the browser from your taskbar and screen until you enter Ctrl+E. The i-Page and Tools buttons are where you go manage your Bookmarks/Favorites, RSS feeds, and cookies, and configure your browsing options. The program uses Jawoco Instant Search as its default search engine, but you can choose from a list of others, which includes Bing, Google, Yahoo, and Taqwa.me, an Islamic search engine. We set ours to Google and browsed as usual. The browser successfully imported our bookmarks, but when we tried to visit some of our favorite sites, the browser was slow. And then we tried to go back to our homepage, only to discover that a button doesn't exist for that. Instead, we found it under the Tools menu. More toolbar customization options would have been nice. Even though we didn't configure it to erase data, the browser didn't save any of our browsing history, so we couldn't test the Clean All Data feature to see if it worked. A visit to the online Help page brought up a 404 Error, saying that the URL doesn't exist.

All in all, while Xtravo Web Browser performed its main functions, its slow performance and lack of customization, among other issues, left us less than impressed. We do not recommend it.

Xtravo Web Browser installs desktop icons without permission, but it uninstalls cleanly.

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