Qedoc Quiz Player fail to make the grade

Save yourself a headache, and skip this quiz player.

Qedoc Quiz Player works in conjunction with Qedoc Quiz Maker. Its purpose is to play modules, or quizzes, created in the quiz maker program. But we had poor results in testing Qedoc Quiz Maker; in fact, we were unable to create a single quiz to play in Qedoc Quiz Player, so we were unable to test it. However, we'll offer some brief observations.

At first glance, Qedoc Quiz Player's user interface looked simple to navigate, but it's just as vague as its quiz-maker companion. A menu runs across the top of the window with options for opening modules, editing their appearance, posting results, rewarding correct results, and more. Shortcut buttons across the top and running down the left side of the window give you quick access to the program's Welcome, Activities, and Results screens. The buttons also let you access your communities, including those on Facebook. At the start, a window pops up asking you to choose a player. Not quite sure what that meant, we clicked on the Help button, which then prompted us to log in first. But like its other features, it wasn't immediately clear how to do that. So, we visited the program's Web site to register as a Contributor. There, you're supposed to register and include your e-mail address to receive a registration key. Based on our experience with Qedoc Quiz Maker and Qedoc Quiz Player, we had just about had enough and didn't feel safe entering our personal information.

Overall, we recommend you skip Qedoc Quiz Player and find a comprehensive quiz-creation tool that doesn't require you to download two separate programs and jump through so many hoops, including registering for freeware.

Qedoc Quiz Player comes as a ZIP file, installs desktop icons without permission, and leaves folders behind upon removal.

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