Code on the go with Notepad++ Portable

Get tools designed for coding with this feature-packed text editor.

Notepad++ is a popular application that combines the functionality of the built-in Windows programs Notepad and WordPad; the basic text-editing features of Notepad are augmented by some of the more advanced formatting tools present in WordPad. Notepad++ Portable is a smaller, portable version of Notepad++, with the same features as the full version in a package that can be used on the go.

Like the regular version of Notepad++, Notepad++ Portable sports an attractive interface, with menus and buttons across the top. Although anyone with the need to edit text could conceivably make use of the program, it's geared specifically toward developers who need a versatile tool for working with code. Notepad++ Portable supports a wide variety of programming languages and encoding schemes, and there are advanced search and view features. We also liked the fact that Notepad++ Portable can automatically launch Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer, letting you quickly preview code in the most popular browsers. Support for macros and a variety of plug-ins round out Notepad++ Portable's features. Although anyone who works with code regularly should find the program intuitive to use, it's also backed up by extensive online documentation and a user forum. Overall, we were impressed with the array of useful features that Notepad++ Portable offers, and the fact that it can fit on your USB drive or other portable device makes it all the more attractive. We highly recommend this program to any who's ready to start coding in an environment that's designed just for that purpose.

Notepad++ Portable comes as a ZIP file. It's accessible after extraction with no need for installation.

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