Master Task Manager

Get more information with this variation on the Windows Task Manager.

One of the first things that any new Windows user learns is Control-Alt-Delete, the keyboard shortcut that brings up the Windows Task Manager and allows users to quit unresponsive programs and processes. The Task Manager is good for more than that, though; it can also provide valuable information about what's using up your memory or bandwidth. Auslogics Task Manager is a variation that provides even more information than the native Windows application. It's similar enough to be understood by non-expert users, but geekier sorts will find it useful as well.

Auslogics Task Manager has an attractive interface, with a menu down the left side where you can select Applications, Processes, Services, and Locked Files. The Applications and Processes screens provide information about what's currently running, as well as graphs displaying CPU, disk, memory, and network usage. The Services screen lists all of the services on the machine along with their statuses and descriptions. A button lets you stop and start services easily. The Locked Files screen displays a list of locked files on the machine and the application that they're locked by; these can be unlocked with the click of a button. Auslogics Task Manager also gives quick access to other built-in Windows Utilities, such as the Control Panel and the Performance Monitor. The program doesn't have much in the way of a Help file, just a few FAQs on its Web site, but this isn't a huge drawback. Although you may not fully understand all of the information that the program presents, the program itself is easy to use. Overall, we think that Auslogics Task Manager is a great choice if you're looking for a more comprehensive version of the Windows Task Manager.

Auslogics Task Manager installs and uninstalls without issues.

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