Don't expect to get very far with Daypo Online Tests

Skip this poorly designed program for one that actually works.

The Internet is great for entertainment purposes, but it can also be an effective teaching tool. Daypo Online Tests supposedly offers a way for you to create you own online tests to serve as study aids, but bad direction prevented us from using it effectively.

The program opens with a bland but seemingly intuitive user interface. Menu buttons at the top take you through the steps of creating your exam. The Properties section is where you go to get started, with fields to name your exam and add a description and author name. A dropdown menu offers different exam categories, such as languages, computer, entertainment, driving test, history, and more. Radio buttons give you the option of asking a question again in the event of a wrong answer, to allow a button to not answer the questions, and to leave questions for later. Once we added our exam info, we clicked the Continue button, which took us to the Questions section. Here, we were able to select the question type from a drop-down menu: Option, Check, Question, Arrows, Section, and Valuation. We selected the Option type and entered our question and answer options. By default the program gives you two answer options, but we could add more. From there, we were able to configure the points and add comments for right/wrong answers and input the time allowed for each question. Everything was moving along well, but when it came time to move on to another question, it wasn't clear where to go next. We clicked the Publish button and registered, but the program claimed that we hadn't created a valid question. Our question also didn't appear in the Final Screen and Preview sections. Daypo offers a Help feature, but it only offers descriptions for its features rather than any troubleshooting info. After a few frustrating minutes, we hit a wall with nowhere to go.

Daypo Online Tests installs and uninstalls without any issues, but we do not recommend this program.

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