Media Converter for Android does it all

Media Converter turns your Android device into a veritable Swiss Army Knife of file conversion.

Media Converter for Android lets you convert images, videos, audio files, and more into just about any compatible format, from PDF to MP4 to you name it. It can even convert video files to MP3s.

Media Converter's interface is as straightforward as it gets. Just launch the app, then choose one of the converter options on the Home screen: Video Converter, Audio Converter, Image Converter, Document Converter, Ebook Converter, or Archive Converter. From there, browse for your file, choose your output format, hit Convert, and watch the magic happen. The app itself actually doesn't do much converting. What it does is upload your file to a "conversion server," then download the newly converted file back onto your device. This may take several minutes in some cases, but offloading the process to remote servers keeps the app relatively light, and saves your device tons of memory. On the other hand, this lightweight app does require you to download OI File Manager to peer into your Android device's file system. While we wish it came with a built-in file manager, the extra download is not terribly huge or otherwise inconvenient.

Once your file is converted, you can share it via all the usual channels: Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, and so on. Just hit the Send/Share button to pull up your options. But be aware: if you're planning on sharing via more than one medium, do so before exiting the screen, because once you hit Convert Another File, all will be lost. If, for instance, you wanted to share a converted file after exiting, you would have to go through the conversion process again. This brings us to the big feature we think Media Converter is missing: a conversion history would be perfect for keeping track of past conversions, and even resharing files.

Overall, Media Converter is an easy, cheap way of meeting most, if not all, of your file-conversion needs. And at only $2.99, it is a fantastic download that is sure to satisfy media junkies and casual users alike.

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