Exceptional cleaning with SlimCleaner

Use the wisdom of crowds to keep your computer running on all cylinders.

Installing and uninstalling programs, browsing the Web, and just everyday computer use can take its toll on your PC's performance. That's why it's important to find the right cleaning utility to keep your computer running on all cylinders. SlimCleaner 1.8 is a unique program in that it uses crowdsourcing to provide active feedback for the software installed on your computer. Its speedy scans and all-inclusive features make it a must-have system utility.

SlimCleaner opens with a professionally designed, intuitive interface. On the left side of the window you have seven maintenance options: Cleaner, Optimize, Uninstaller, Browsers, Hijack Log, Shredder, and Windows Tools. Though it offers an ample Help feature (you'll find online help, video tutorials, and a manual), we didn't need it to jump right in and begin the cleaning process. We started first with the Cleaner, which broke down our options into Windows, Applications, Browsers, and Advanced. Using radio buttons, we were able to check off the items that we wanted to scan. We clicked the Analyze button, and in just a few seconds, SlimCleaner produced a list of results. Clicking the Clean button successfully removed problem items. Moving on, the Optimize feature displayed our startup programs, along with a Community Rating and Community Feedback for each one. We found the feedback really helpful for determining which programs to keep and which to remove. Likewise, the Uninstaller section featured an Uninstall List with all of our programs listed, also with Community Ratings and Feedback. The Hijack Log section is better suited for more advanced users as it provides a list of ActiveX commands, codecs, and more. As an added bonus, we were able to use the program's Shredder feature to successfully overwrite important files, and we appreciated the Windows Tools section for giving us access to frequently used tools. Overall, we found SlimCleaner to be an exceptional program for keeping your computer in tip-top shape.

SlimCleaner installs a desktop icon without your permission and leaves a folder behind upon removal. We highly recommend this program to all users.

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