Windows compression utility made just for Mac

WinZip for Mac brings one of the oldest names in Windows compression utilities to the Mac, and we think they did it right.

WinZip for Mac brings one of the oldest names in Windows compression utilities to the Mac, and we think they did it right. Featuring a clean Mac-like interface, WinZip for Mac lets you compress and secure your files for both sharing with others while keeping them away from prying eyes. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly add files to an archive, then compress them in the standard .ZIP format or create .ZIPX files--a format WinZip says is its smallest compression format to date. Both worked great on our test machines and the ability to password protect even just one file in an archive makes this software one of the best in its category on the Mac.

Once installed on your Mac, launching WinZip brings up a helpful wizard that lets you either create a new Zip file or combine processes with a Zip and e-mail function. From there, Winzip has you name the file and choose your compression format. Once the archive is created, you can either use buttons at the top of the interface to add and manage files or you can drag and drop files and folders from the Finder. It's not immediately obvious (and we think they could do a better job here), but to encrypt your files, you'll need to check the Encrypt box in the Add Files dialog box where you'll be prompted to add a password.

Some interface elements are particularly helpful in WinZip for Mac when managing compressed archives. A Quick Look button at the top lets you quickly preview individual files even before you unzip the archive--very helpful if you have a large archive and are looking for something specific. It also shows you how much space you'll save by zipping your files showing you the amount of bytes used and the amount saved by zipping on the right side of the interface.

Overall, WinZip for Mac adds a few options not found in the compression utility in Mac OS X and its ease of use make it a contender if you do a lot of compression, want to create secure archives, or like the idea of a Quick View tool. The software might be improved by adding another interface element for encryption, but mostly we think WinZip for Mac works very well for the money.

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