Maintenance manager

Optimize your system's performance with this comprehensive tool.

Computers, like most other machines, require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. PC Brother System Maintenance Free is a comprehensive suite of utilities that can help your system stay in top condition. Even if you're not particularly technically savvy, this program has plenty of tools you can use to improve your computer's performance.

The program's interface is attractive and easy to navigate. Four tabs--Optimize, Security, Tools, and PC Info--contain the program's main features. The Optimize tab includes tasks for performance, appearance, network, and security; you can select which of these you want to include and then click the Optimize button to have the tasks performed automatically. We liked it that the program gives you the option of backing up your system settings in case something goes awry during the optimization process. The Security tab lists antivirus software, firewalls, system updates, and shared resources, with suggested actions shown if there's room for improvement. The Tools tab lists autorun items, currently running processes and connections, and system services. Finally, the PC Info tab lists system, performance, hardware, and storage information. PC Brother System Maintenance Free is an excellent way to get a quick snapshot of what's happening on your computer and take corrective action if needed. We do wish that the program came with a Help file; although it's easy enough for anyone to use, many people would likely appreciate more information about some of the program's features. Overall, though, we liked how easy and effective PC Brother System Maintenance Free was, and we recommend it.

PC Brother System Maintenance Free installs and uninstalls without issues.

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