See you in the funny papers

Get a variety of comic-inspired fonts with this fun collection.

Fun fonts can liven up presentations, newsletters, art projects, and all kinds of other documents. Cartoon Font Pack is a set of 22 fonts inspired by cartoons and comic strips. If you like the look of fonts that resemble text written by hand, Cartoon Font Pack is a fun option that's suitable for a variety of applications.

Since Cartoon Font Pack is really just a folder containing the various fonts, it helps to have some knowledge of how to install new fonts in Windows. This isn't a difficult process, however, and we installed the fonts in Cartoon Font Pack without incident. Some of the fonts come with bold and italicized typefaces, while others offer only the standard version. Some of the fonts also come in both TrueType and OpenType formats, although others are available only in TrueType. The fonts are representative of a variety of different genres and offer something for everyone, whether you're a fan of traditional strips like Garfield or more contemporary offerings like anime. All of the fonts we tried were attractive and well-done, and they offer a nice alternative to the ubiquitous Comic Sans.

We recommend Cartoon Font Pack if you're looking for a set of fonts in the hand-lettered style. Whether you're making your own comic or using the fonts for any other project, Cartoon Font Pack is worth checking out.

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