Basic racing

Don't expect fancy graphics or features from this simple game.

If you can't be out there whipping your souped-up Audi around the racetrack, perhaps the next best thing is a computer game that lets you compete virtually. Audi 3D Racing is a basic car-racing game in which you can compete in four different locales. It's definitely not the best racing game we've seen, but it's not bad for freeware.

The game is Flash-based, and from the opening menu you select where you want to race. There are four options, City, Desert, Alpine, and Forest, but only City is available at the start. Users must win the City race before the next location is unlocked. You can choose between red, blue, black, and green Audis, although there are no different models or options. Playing the game is pretty straightforward: you use the keyboard's arrow keys to navigate around the track while racing three other competitors. The game's graphics aren't awful, but they're not particularly impressive, either; we've definitely seen other racing games that are nicer to look at. There's no Help file, but the game is so simple that it doesn't really need one. Overall, Audi 3D Racing is adequate, but it's too basic to satisfy anyone who takes this genre particularly seriously.

Audi 3D Racing installs politely but leaves a folder behind upon removal.

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