Restaurant front end

Take care of (restaurant) business with this flexible, intuitive POS software.

A few questions, if we may. Have you ever worked in a restaurant? Have you ever started your own business? Have you ever used a point-of-sale system? How about all three at once? Welcome to the world of the restaurant entrepreneur, a high-stress, low-overhead, labor-intensive undertaking similar to other challenging occupations such as barkeeper or cafe owner. For them, Sani Technologies offers Easy Restaurant POS, a point-of-sale system optimized for restaurants, bars, grills, pizzerias, and similar small businesses. It supports dine-in, take-out, and delivery services; multiple users; separate Kitchen Display like large chains; and bars and beverage services. It tracks both your day's cash and your drivers' whereabouts, too.

Easy Restaurant POS is free to use for 30 days, but you must first register the software. The program's interface opened with a number pad display for logging in; we entered the supplied default code, clicked OK, and received the System Setup wizard, which started in Demo mode and walked us through the five steps of entering our data: 1. Company Information; 2. Menu Categories; 3. Menu Items; 4. Tables; and 5. Staff. Next we received a number-pad-like set of 16 buttons, each of which called up a specific page, tool, or dialog related to the business: Dine-In, Kitchen, Delivery, Driver, My Orders, Refund (YES!), and others. (Exuberance over ultrasimple refunds isn't misplaced, as anyone who has used a POS in an actual retail setting can attest.) When we were finished with Demo mode, we switched to Normal Mode, which edits real data.

As with other POS software, Easy Restaurant POS does way too much to summarize quickly, which pretty much describes the typical restaurant owner or manager, too. It offers optional upgrades, such as multiple terminals and inventory control, so it can grow with your business. The trial period is long enough to get the feel of the software without risking that other feeling, the one that says you bought something that isn't working out. Restaurants throw a lot of stuff away already; you probably can't afford to pitch your POS once you've bought it!

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