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Join multiple text files into one automatically with this free tool.

We know we're not alone in a tendency to whip open a new text file to jot down some notes and then save it haphazardly, until you reach a point where you've got multiple notes on the same issue instead of one properly labeled text file containing all the notes pertaining to whatever the heck it was you thought was so important that you had to write a note about it in the first place. If you can see where this is going, then Text File Joiner might be for you. It's a free tool that lets you sequentially order and merge multiple text files into one file with a few simple clicks. It can save a lot of time when you're consolidating lecture notes, lab notes, recipes, snippets of writing, and anything else you can save on multiple text files when you should be using just one file.

At just 38 KB, Text File Joiner's extracted program file is about as small as useful Windows utilities get. Like all very small apps ought to be, Text File Joiner is totally easy to use. The interface offers two checkboxes, one to separate file contents with a space, and another to insert the original file name at the beginning of the new file. We clicked the big button labeled Select File(s) and browsed to some text files. As it happens, we had the very thing, a set of text files all on a related matter. The loaded files showed up in the program's list view; we could move individual files up and down the order by selecting them and clicking Up or Down arrows. When we were ready, we clicked the Save Combined button, named our file, saved it to the directory of our choice, and then chose to either exit the program or clear the list for another job. When we opened our new text file, our notes had been combined successfully into a single document.

You can cut and paste your text into new documents, of course, but that's a time-consuming process. With Text File Joiner, you can simply load and order your saved notes, and it'll do the rest for you.

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