PDF to ePub converts your e-books

Convert PDFs to e-books with this easy-to-use freeware.

DNAML's PDF to ePub converts e-books formatted as PDFs into the industry-standard ePub format in six quick steps. It can convert an unlimited number of files and automatically split the output into segments that conserve device memory. It even offers a scripting language option for advanced users.

PDF to ePub's gray-skinned interface combines a wizard with a conventional file menu. The program opens with Step 1, Select PDF file, which involves browsing to a file and selecting one of three output file types: ePub, HTML, or Kindle (mobi). However, when we clicked Next, we received a Product Activation Wizard that required us to submit personal data to obtain an activation code. After we registered, PDF to ePub proceeded to Step 2, selecting text for extraction. The next step, Step 3, involves fixing characters in the extracted text. The program recommends not skipping this step, which involves reviewing a long list of glyphs, extracted characters, and characters the program intends to use for them. We could alter this last option, substituting custom characters for the program's selections. This is a time-consuming process, but it's worth going through, and you can save the settings as a Rules Set that can be applied optionally in the next step, Step 4. Step 5 involves changing the Edit rule set and or language, which is recommended for advanced users only. Step 6 involves choosing an output directory and file name. A progress bar tracked our job when we clicked Convert. Our finished document appeared in the destination directory and opened normally when clicked.

As e-books become ever more prevalent, the need for tools like PDF to ePub will only grow. While we're not crazy about having to register to use freeware, the registration process is free and quick. PDF to ePub is great for converting PDFs to the leading e-book formats. It is recommended for readers, writers, and others.

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