Password Reminder stores passwords and log-in data

Store passwords and log-in data securely on your PC with this freeware.

Password Reminder is a free tool that saves your passwords, log-in data, and address or location of the Web site or application that requires password access and stores the data securely in an encrypted folder in your own system. You only have to remember Password Reminder's master password to access your stored passwords and log-in data. However, that doesn't mean you can forget your other passwords; Password Reminder doesn't enter them for you, it just saves them in case you forget them.

After we'd extracted and installed Password Reminder, the setup wizard informed us of the default password and advised changing it to our own password as soon as we'd logged in to the program the first time. We did, and received a user interface consisting of a blank window with three items on the menu bar: Passwords, Configuration, and Help. We clicked Configuration, which produced the Configure Access Password dialog. We entered our master password and clicked Save. A pop-up notified us that our record had been saved, and we closed the dialog. Password Reminder's dialogs let you make multiple entries, so they don't close as soon as you're done with one step. Next we clicked Passwords, which called up the Password Reminder dialog. Here we could enter the password, username, Web or local address of the site or app in question, and any Notes we cared to add. The Notes field is important because the program searches it for reminders, so think of it as password reminder clue. We clicked Save, and the dialog's fields cleared for another entry. To locate a password, we clicked Find and entered our search term in the Find Password dialog' single field. You can enter a URL, app name, log-in name, or notes. We entered something from our Notes field, and the program retrieved the appropriate entry, with password and other data displayed. We merely had to click the entry in the dialog's list view to retrieve the entry's data page for editing.

Some users may have trouble opening the Help file from the interface, but the developers have provided rich text copies of all the documentation, which can be found in the program folder. In all, Password Reminder seems to strike a good balance between security and ease of use, keeping your passwords and other data secure but accessible in your own PC.

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