Dragon, Fly soars

Similar to the incredibly popular iOS hit Tiny Wings, Dragon, Fly revolves around a flightless baby dragon who slides down hills to gain momentum and launch himself high into the clouds.

In Dragon, Fly, you assume the role of an adventurous baby dragon, with all the spunk and courage in the world, but none of the refined flying skills to boot. Fortunately, however, the land you occupy is chock-full of hills and valleys, which serve as perfect slides and ramps for launching yourself high among the clouds. It may seem like a cheap substitute for sustained flight, but the sequential dives and climbs sure make for a fun Android game.

Your goal in Dragon, Fly is to venture as far as possible before your over-protective Dragon Mum can catch up to you and take you home. Along the way you can pick up jewels, explore new realms (with different topographies), and boost your point total. Plus, if you're able to slide along the contours of the land particularly smoothly, you can achieve what is called a Swoosh, which increases your trajectory considerably. Achieve three Swooshes in a row, and you'll ignite Fire Mode and rack up points faster than ever.

Overall, we think Dragon, Fly is a winner. It may not be quite as sharp or attractive as the iOS hit that it mimics, Tiny Wings, but it is still fun and addictive. Available now for free, we think it's a perfect download for those short bursts of free time throughout your day.

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