Check in to your favorite TV shows

IntoNow for Android gives you a unique way to check in to your favorite TV shows and share them with your friends.

Just tap the green icon and hold your Android device up to your television. IntoNow "listens" to the show you're watching, identifies it, and pulls up a host of information about it, including episode title, genre, and stars. It also provides you with an IMDb link for if you want to go a little deeper.

While a SoundHound for television may seem useless, IntoNow actually gives you a unique way to engage with your favorite TV shows and share them with your friends. Each time you use the app to identify a show you're watching, it checks you in, and posts to the IntoNow community. By sharing what you're watching while others do the same, you'll gain plenty of opportunities to discover new shows and to connect with people with similar programming taste. You can even share your check-ins via Twitter or Facebook to get some of your friends involved.

IntoNow's interface is divided into three tabs: Activity, Popular, and Profile. Activity shows you everyone's most recent check-ins, or just your friends'. Popular gives you a listing of frequently watched shows, and Profile pulls up your personal IntoNow profile, complete with recent activity and a list of your IntoNow friends. There's not much to the app, so it's all really easy to navigate.

Overall, we thought IntoNow was awesome. We loved the interface, with its clean layout and menus, and its sharp icons and images. Also, throughout our tests, it never failed to recognize a show--so long as our volume was at a sufficient level, and the show was fewer than five years old. However, as much as we loved it, we also felt it was lacking something. We found ourselves wishing for recommendations or perhaps an in-app way of discussing shows with other users. We just felt that it needed something more. That said, we are excited to see how this app will evolve over its next iterations.

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