Fast pics for cell phones

Quickly crop and resize images just for your cell phone wallpaper with this supereasy freeware.

You want to use a certain picture as your cell phone background image, but it's too darn big. So you open your graphics's loading; be patient...and navigate to...hold on; phone's ringing...gotta go! You'll get back to that picture--when monkeys fly out of your USB jack. PictureCropper's developers know you so well that they've gone and made a program just to help you quickly resize pictures for mobile wallpapers, posting online, sharing, or saving.

PictureCropper's simple interface displays Crop Options in a right-hand preview panel. The program opened with the PictureCropper Wizard, which involves four steps: Select Device, Select Output Folder, Select Input Folder, and Select Jpg Images Quality. We clicked Select Device and chose our cell phone from an extensive list; we could also check a box labeled Manually Fit Width and Height. After we'd browsed to a folder of images, the program populated the file list and displayed the topmost file in the main window, with a rectangular selection box configured to the exact size that would fit our cell phone's screen. We simply had to drag the box over the part of the image we wanted to use and save and click on the box. PictureCropper automatically saved our new image in our destination directory, numbered and named, including its screen resolution. A selectable Auto Pan feature made it easy to manage large images, while a Resize Lock control let us toggle on a slider to resize large images for copying. PictureCropper took care of all the rest; we just had to get the new image to our phone to use it. And we used to think that was the easy part!

Life is too short to spend too much time resizing pictures for your cell phone.

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