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Over time, our browsers become a reflection of us, with specific bookmarks, feeds, and other customizations that match our tastes. For that reason, we love the idea of taking our customized browser with us on a USB drive wherever we go. Maxthon Portable let us do just that. Due to its lack of import options for other popular browsers, though, you'll need to spend a little time with it to get it right where you want it.

As its name suggests, the program can be launched from a USB drive or similar portable device. The browser interface is clean and self-explanatory. You'll find a side panel with icons for adding favorites and accessing the Download Manager and Feed Reader, and there's even an Online Notepad tool for quick notes. Familiar navigational symbols reside along the top of the window and worked as expected. What sets Maxthon Portable apart from other browsers is the addition of a screenshot tool. The Snapshot button lets you capture an entire page or a section to save and edit--a nice touch. From the main menu, we were able to import our IE Favorites, but if you use Firefox or any other browser other than IE or Maxthon's own, you're out of luck. We were disappointed since Firefox is our primary browser. Still, we were able to add Favorites as easily as with the more popular browsers. The browser includes a link to an online Help Center, should you need it.

Overall, even though we couldn't import our info from Firefox and had to spend a little extra time to customize it to our liking, we found Maxthon Portable to be a worthy contender in the ever-expanding browser market.

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