It doesn't do the job

Don't bother with this clunky, unhelpful job-tracking program.

If you're serious about applying for new jobs, the process can get overwhelming pretty quickly; all those resumes, cover letters, phone calls, e-mails, and interviews can be hard to keep track of. Job Opportunities Recordkeeping Express Edition promises to simplify this process by enabling you to create a database that tracks your job-seeking activity. Unfortunately, the program's limited functionality doesn't make it much more useful than a good old-fashioned spreadsheet.

The program is part of a suite of so-called data-tracking apps, and you get all of them whether you want them or not; there's a list of them down the left side of the interface. They're all more or less the same, with differing labels for the various text fields. In the Job Opportunities app the first field is labeled Applicant Name (because you can't keep track of your own name?), while in the Car Servicing app it's labeled Car Year-Make-Model, and in the Student Coursework app it's labeled Year or Grade. Are you getting the sense that this program isn't designed specifically for job-hunting, or for anything else? For each job opportunity you can record pertinent information like the name of the company, the starting salary, and the job location. We did like the fact that the program lets you attach documents to each job opportunity, making it easy to keep track of resumes and cover letters, but that may be our only real praise for the program.

Job Opportunities Recordkeeping Express Edition lets you create tasks and set reminders, but there's no way to associate them with specific job applications. The program has a work flow feature that lets you arrange applications in separate folders, but when the folders have names like Jobs Near Home, Good Salary Jobs, and Jobs with Large Companies, it doesn't make much sense to be able to assign each job opportunity to only one folder. The program has an online Help file that offers very little help. The final insult is the fact that the Express Edition lets you add only 10 records; if you want to add more, you have to pay 99 cents a month for a subscription. There are plenty of other options for keeping track of your job opportunities that are free and more effective, and we recommend that you explore those and stay away from Job Opportunities Recordkeeping.

Job Opportunities Recordkeeping Express Edition comes as a ZIP file.

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