Problematic POS

Don't bother with this clunky point-of-sale program.

A good point-of-sale system can be the difference between happy employees and frustrated ones, and between speedy transactions and those that drag on forever, often requiring manager intervention. Intuitiveness is the name of the game when it comes to POS software. Based on that criterion, we can't say that we're particularly impressed by Easy POS-Gold Point of Sale. Its interface is neither attractive nor easy to navigate, and it doesn't have much to recommend it over other POS programs.

When we first launched Easy POS we were a bit taken aback by the interface; its garish colors, its poor-quality background image (changeable, fortunately), and its cluttered screens all made us recoil. The program does get credit for having a setup wizard that made it easy to configure our business name, sales tax, and other basics, and adding new products wasn't terribly difficult. The screen for actually ringing up transactions--the heart of any POS software--was overwhelming, and we never did figure out how to take payment for a transaction. Maybe we would have been able to if we'd spent enough time looking at the Help file, but it's so poorly organized that we gave up. Easy POS was also plagued by meaningless (to us) error messages that periodically caused the program to crash; exactly what we don't want when we're in the process of ringing someone up. Overall, we found Easy POS-Gold Point of Sale frustrating to use, and we recommend that business owners explore more functional, intuitive, and professionally done options.

Easy POS-Gold Point of Sale installs a desktop icon without asking and leaves a start menu icon and folder behind upon removal.

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