Innovative file management

View your documents in a calendar with this sleek program.

One thing that we can probably all agree on is the fact that Windows Explorer is not exactly the greatest file management tool around. There are plenty of alternatives, but we can't say that we've ever seen one like Nemo Documents. This innovative program lets you see which files you accessed on particular days by displaying them in a calendar view. It sounds a little unconventional, but the program's usefulness becomes obvious as soon as you open it.

Nemo Documents has a sleek, intuitive interface--a good thing, since there's no Help file. Down the left side of the interface there are options letting you specify which types of files you want to display, the folders you want the program to index, and the labels you want to include. Tabs across the top let you select a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly view, as well as a regular list of files. Whichever format you choose, Nemo Documents displays the documents that you accessed during each particular time period. We liked the weekly view the best, since it splits each day into three sections based on time of day. Want to quickly access the file you were working on yesterday morning? It's there, in the top third of yesterday's display. Nemo Documents even lets you sign into your Google account and integrate Google Calendar events into your document listings. The program probably won't be to everyone's liking, but if you find Windows Explorer cumbersome and want a quick way to access files that you've worked with recently, it's a great choice.

Nemo Documents installs politely but leaves a folder behind upon removal.

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