Risky business with Risk Management Kit

Be prepared for the worst with this useful set of templates.

Risk management is a critical part of the project management process; anticipating and responding to risks in a structured way can save a lot of time, hassle, and--most importantly--money. Risk Management Kit is a set of templates for Microsoft Word and Excel that can help you address risk in your projects in an effective way. Even people who are new to project management should find Risk Management Kit useful and relatively easy to master.

The program comes with an 18-page PDF Project Management Guidebook, which provides a nice overview of the entire project management process (as well as links to many other products from publisher Method 123). There are three Word templates--a Risk Form, a Risk Plan, and a Risk Management Process--as well as an Excel Risk Register template. Each template has a document information section where users can keep track of who owns the document and its revision history; there's also space for various managers who sign off on it. The templates also include detailed instructions for use, with descriptions of the information that should be entered into each particular field. The Risk Management Process template provides an overview of the risk management work flow, complete with flowcharts; this can be customized to reflect your specific business needs. The Risk Form is meant to identify one particular risk at a time, with space for its description, likelihood, potential impact, and mitigation options. The Risk Plan template helps users create a comprehensive procedure for dealing with potential risks, while the Risk Register Excel template lets users keep a log of risks, preventative actions, and contingency actions. Overall, we found Risk Management Kit to be an accessible, useful tool for risk management. Anyone involved in project management who could stand to improve their risk management process should check it out.

Risk Management Kit comes as a ZIP file.

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