Drag-and-drop Image Viewer

View images quickly with this freeware.

Moo0 ImageViewer displays a wide range of image types in a drag-and-drop interface that offers easy resizing. It incorporates filters and effects, a slideshow feature, and some interesting extras, such as a Cartoon Reader feature that sharpens text images for readability.

During the setup process, we had the option to associate ImageViewer with various image file types by default. The program's attractive, customizable interface offers many quick ways to resize its view and the images it displays, including integrated sliders that expand or contract the image. We could also drag the interface to resize or relocate it; change color, skins, and transparency; choose what features to display; and much more from the program's right-click menu, which (handily) serves as the program's main console. From this menu, we could also apply filters, activate the slideshow, and even capture screen images. A feature named Palm Mode (On Excessive Size) looked intriguing, but since ImageViewer has no Help file and the online site offered little more than a product description, we couldn't find out anything about it.

With file types associated with ImageViewer, we simply had to click a file to open it. We had to drag files into ImageViewer to open unassociated images, though. There didn't seem to be any way to simply browse to a file and open it directly inside the program. However, we could drag and drop files into the program's desktop icon and open them inside ImageViewer. Moo0 offers a shareware version of ImageViewer that includes more features, but the ability to browse to files and open them from the program's interface seems like fairly basic functionality to us.

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