IE spell checker

Add real-time spell-checking to IE with this free add-on.

Versoworks describes Speckie as the first spell-checker for Internet Explorer. This free add-on brings real-time spell-checking to text entry fields in Microsoft's Web browser. It's compatible with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, including IE 9.

We downloaded and installed Speckie, which is larger and involves more steps than the typical browser add-on. We opened IE, which notified us that Speckie was active. We clicked Enable, and then clicked Speckie Settings on IE's Tools menu. While the add-on offers only a few options, we could also add additional language dictionaries or custom dictionaries via the settings page. Speckie proved very easy to use. For example, we browsed to a Web site and entered some text in the site search tool. Speckie underlined the term in red, the default color (which can be changed). We right-clicked the text box, and an extensive pop-up menu offered several spelling suggestions as well as choices such as Add to Dictionary and Ignore All; we could also access Speckie's settings from this menu. We found nothing to fault in Speckie's spell-checking capabilities, and its Updates and other functions all worked fine, too.

We think Speckie is a great idea that can save a lot of wasted time and confusion by checking your spelling in IE as you type. It's great for searches, data entry fields, and other daily business, but just think about how great it is to be able to check your spelling in online forums and similar postings before you hit Send.

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