King me!

Play checkers against your computer.

With Checkers Draughts Game, you no longer have to go searching for a checkers partner; simply challenge your computer instead. Following a painless installation, you are presented with the familiar-looking setup of this classic board game. The graphics are nothing fancy, but then again, neither is the traditional game.

The straightforward interface makes it easy to get started. Navigation buttons at the top allow you to choose the level of game, whether you'd like to start or prefer the computer to make the first move, and the type of game (i.e. competition or training). The game is set at Level 2 by default. Since Checkers Draughts Game boasts improved artificial intelligence, we recommend starting with Level 1. Also, the training game, which is the default game type, allows you to undo and redo moves, which the competition mode does not. A handy sideboard keeps track of the score, your performance, whose turn it is, and the duration of the game. We found all of the buttons to be in working order.

This easily addictive game is free, which makes it all the more enticing. It doesn't require personal information or registration, nor does it ask for a username or password. It uninstalls cleanly. Be prepared to spend lots of time beefing up your checkers game with this fun application.

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