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Convert PDFs to Word and RTF files with this intuitive tool.

The fact that PDFs aren't easy to edit is both a blessing and a curse; they can protect content from unauthorized changes, but they can also be a pain when you have a legitimate need to edit something. Sure, you can copy and paste text from a PDF, but your formatting will pay the price. Walker Free PDF to Word Converter makes it easy to convert PDF files into easily edited Word documents, and for the most part it keeps your formatting intact as well.

The program's interface isn't going to win any beauty contests, but it's quite easy to navigate. Simply select the file or files you want to convert, select the page number if desired, and specify whether you want to convert the files to Word documents or Rich Text Format. Choose an output location, click convert, and you're done. We didn't find the conversions to be lightning-fast, but they finished in a reasonable amount of time, and they were worth the wait; with a few minor exceptions, our content looked exactly as it had in the original PDF. Walker Free PDF to Word Converter has an online Help file that explains its use, but we can't imagine it would be needed; the program is extremely intuitive. Overall, this program gets high marks for both its performance and its ease of use. We think it's a great option for anyone who needs to convert PDF files to other formats.

Walker Free PDF to Word Converter installs a desktop icon without asking but uninstalls cleanly.

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